Moulded Parts


Polyurethane is an excellent material when it comes to properties such as low abrasion, high elasticity and permanent elasticity. Whenever an elastic component along with mechanical wear resistance and exceptional chemical / biological resistance is required, Elastopal® scrapers are successfully used. Our po­ly­ure­tha­ne scra­pers are ab­ra­si­on-op­ti­mi­sed and prevent ab­ra­si­ve wear. A wide ran­ge of for­mu­la­ti­ons enables us to sup­p­ly the op­ti­mum so­lu­ti­on for any re­qui­re­ments. Al­most all shapes can be rea­li­sed, in­clu­ding me­tal part inlays.


Demolished shipsides and damaged water architecture are often the result of missing or insufficient fendering. The elimination of the resulting damage is often extremely expensive. Our Elastopal® fender systems are the optimum solution for water wings, and shore protection, ports and waterways. In comparison with other plastics, the polyurethane elastomer Elastopal is stable in contact with ozone and UV radiation. This is demonstrated by the ship and harbour fenders made from Elastopal. No deterioration of their performance characteristics can be found even after many years of field weathering under maritime climate.

Parts for winter road clearance

The excellent mechanical properties of Elastopal® such as flexibility and high wear resistance improve your productivity and increase the precision of your equipment for winter road clearance. The main task of Elastopal® products is the protection of tools and machinery, as well as the reliable performance of the work to be done. All parts are weatherproof and oil- and grease-resistant. Our scrapers guarantee a clean snow clearance and protect the road surfaces. High abrasion values lead to substantially better system stabilities.

Buffers and spring components

Buf­fers and spring components made from Elastopal are ma­nu­fac­tu­red with dif­fe­rent de­grees of hard­ness, de­pen­ding on the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on. The­re are al­most no li­mits in terms of size and shape. Ver­sa­ti­le solutions in com­bi­na­ti­on with me­tal inlays can be im­ple­men­ted for applications such as solution logistics hubs or rail equipment.

Cleaning pigs

Elastopal®-pig discs impress with their extreme long lasting performance. They will clean oil pipelines over many hundreds of miles without apparent wear.

Cleaning pigs are needed throughout the entire lifecycle of oil and gas pipelines. Our cleaning pigs fleet provides the highest degree of flexibility and superior quality.
In order to guarantee the highest quality and to maximize lifetime, puralis cleaning pigs use highly wear-resistant polyurethane Elastopal.

Typical properties include: outstanding abrasion resistant, aging resistant, no embrittlement, exceptionally high cut and tear resistance.