Puralis GmbH specializes in the development, production and marketing of product solutions made of polyurethane elastomers. At our works, the optimum polymer systems for each individual application are formulated by our engineers, and then processed to manufacturing. The products are formed using a variety of different processes, including casting, injection moulding and foam moulding, depending on the size and quantity of the components to be produced.

Puralis develops and manufactures products made of PUR elastomers according to customer specifications. We use advanced modern aids such us CAD and FEM in order to ensure maximum economy and consistently high product quality.

Elastopal® is a name, which encompasses a wide variety of polyurethane products. The company commitment for over 20 years has been to a continuous process of product improvement. The know-how and experience we have acquired make PURALIS an excellent partner for your Polyurethane projects.

Our products are manufactured according to the quality standard DIN ISO EN 9001. This ensures a high level of quality and consistency.

Elastopal® foam

Elastopal foam is a polyester based foam which in comparison to traditional rubber foams, provides higher tensile and tear strength and a higher resistance to abrasion. One particular example e.g. in concrete pumping, where a low density and a long service life are desired clearly demonstrates the advantages of Elastopal foam.

PUR moulded elastomers

The name Elastopal® describes a range of solid PUR components with unique all-round properties lending use to a wide variety of applications.

A sound structural stability combined with high resilience and resistance to chemicals and mechanical and dynamic stresses. Elastopal® is a very adaptable material which can be custom designed to suit your needs.

Puralis supplies custom-made parts and semi-finished products, as sheets, films, blocks, rods and tubes in a standard hardness range from Shore 40 A to 60 D.