Construction industry

Elastopal® provides a solution for many challenges within the concrete industry. We can satisfy all your requirements.

Elastopal® provides dependability and long life under high stress conditions e.g. for springs in hydraulic hammers, for vibrator plates and for heads in internal concrete vibrators. Elastopal®-components are also used in critical application areas in the abrasive concrete mixing process.

Elastopal®-paddles and scraper blades in concrete mixers have become indispensable. Elastopal® is also used for mortar spray nozzles.

For the lar­ge con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne seg­ment in the earth com­pac­tion sec­tor scra­pers with and wi­thout me­tal in­s­erts or scra­per bla­des are of par­ti­cu­lar im­port­an­ce. Tan­dem rol­lers and sin­gle-drum com­pac­tors are used in road, land­fill and dam con­struc­tion. PUR scra­pers pro­vi­de for con­ti­nuous clea­ning on the rol­ler; this is the only way to achie­ve op­ti­mum soil com­pac­tion. In processing technology, several parts are exposed to extreme use when conveying, grinding, classifying and separating abrasive materials. Therefore the material must meet high demands concerning abrasion resistance.