Harbour and ship building industry

Choosing fenders from Puralis is a sensible decision. The highest risk of collision or sustaining damage is not when out at sea, but close to shore in marinas or in harbours and sluices. Lack of or ineffective fenders result in damage to both ship walls and concrete wharfs. Damage and repair costs are inevitable.

Ship fen­ders fa­ci­li­ta­te gent­le do­cking of ships at the quay­si­de. The enor­mous force ac­ting on the quay­si­de and thus on the ship body must be uni­form­ly cushio­ned. Po­ly­ure­tha­ne is par­ti­cu­lar­ly sui­ta­ble for this. Thanks to its low com­pres­si­on set, a lar­ge part of the trap­ped en­er­gy is re­leased again, al­lo­wing soft do­cking.

Elastopal® fenders address the problem, they will fulfil your expectations. Elastopal® fenders absorb high energy impact and are extremely resilient and long lasting.