Mechanical engineering

Our policy is to work in partnership with our customers to determine the optimal product and solution. We offer our knowledge and experience to maximise benefits for the users of our products.

Po­ly­ure­tha­ne is of­ten used in ma­chi­ne con­struc­tion whe­re hea­vy loads and high wear oc­cur, such as in crank and dri­ve shaft be­a­rings or as elas­tic shock-ab­sor­bing ele­ments. We recommend Elastopal® for an efficient production process. High wear resistance and protection of your machines are guaranteed. Our products ensure an easy and thoroughly maintenance cleaning of the machinery in every industry sector. Also with „FDA-admission“ available. Coa­ting me­tal parts with po­ly­ure­tha­ne enables the pro­per­ties of both ma­te­ri­als to be per­fect­ly com­bi­ned.

Whether it is just a small Polyurethane-roller or a large cogwheel we are confident to satisfy your requirements.

High quality print and packaging machines need high precision cutting strips, tear bars, pull rings etc. Our long-time experience and a consequent production management enable quality products and an excellent print image as well as a sharp cut.

Couplings are responsible for the elastical transmission of driving forces, to dampen vibrations and shocks as well as for radial and axial shaft adjustment. All these requirements are met by coupling elements made of Elastopal. Our delivery program includes coupling rings, pins, buffers, intermediate and cam rings, square packages, driving belts etc.

Highly abrasion-resistant wear parts made of Elastopal are used in pumps conveying stripping mediums in several industries, for instance for groundwater extraction. For ball pumps or spiral pumps, Elastopal has excellent mechanical and dynamic characteristics.